Fear is a first person shooter it is scary as hell and you will find so many easter eggs your eyes will fall out.

  • In the opening the ESRB rating spells "strong languge" wrong.
  • The charecter Norton Mapes wears a belt with the letters R.T.F.M. meaning read the fucking manual.

F.E.A.R. 2Edit

Fear 2 is a countination to the series and a damn good one at that.

  • In the very begining of the game at valkeiry tower you can shoot the cars, causeing Jankowski to scold you.
  • If you spend to much time out side of the tower (and you shoot the cars.) Griffen will ask "What took you so long" and Jankowski will replie "Sorry, Becket was vandalizing shit."
  • In the coffe shop you will see an item on the menu "two beans, one cup" it is a refrance to the internet vidoe "two girls, one cup."
  • In the school there is a roll call board that has a chibi alma, two squirls, various bearded men (members of the development team) and a bearded female teacher.
  • Also there is a painting of Point Man shooting Fettel in the head, painted, of course, by Alma.
  • There is a refrance to another Monolith game Clive Barkers Jericho, a movie poster entitled "Killing Sargent Ross" in Jericho you play as sargent Ross who shortly dies afterwards.
  • In the school you will end up near a old school play if take cover behind the cardboard donkey a soilder might shout he's behind the ass.

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